Milk and Cookies Shoes (12-18)

Milk and Cookies Shoes (12-18)

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Shoe Material: Cotton

Sole Material (0-6 months): Polyester Suede

Sole Material (6-30 months): Rubberised Anti-Slip Sole

All our shoes are comfortable to wear because they are made of soft fabrics and feature soft soles to encourage walking among the little ones. Soft sole shoes allow babies to feel their feet when they are learning how to walk. 

Our shoes are very easy to wear. Simply slip them on your baby's feet and the elastic band around the ankle will ensure they do not come off easily. This makes our shoes suitable for indoor use among walking (ahem,running) toddlers as well.

As baby shoes tend to get dirty very quickly, it is a good thing that these shoes are washable. We recommend hand washing or gentle machine wash with mild detergent and line dry. No tumble dry. 

 Size Guide

0-6 Months approx 10cm

6-12 Months approx 12cm

12-18 Months approx 13.5cm

18-24 Months approx 15cm

Our shoes are measured and made based on this guide, therefore, it is best to measure baby's feet and add about 1cm for room to grow and make sure it is not too big especially if your child has started walking.